Virtual Private Server

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Q. What is Virtual Host?

A. Virtual host is a virtualized server created using latest virtualization technology. Here the base hardware of a system is virtualized, allowing multiple guest operating environments to run directly on top of the hardware. Each Virtual host behaves as a stand alone dedicated server having its own allocated hardware resources.

Q. Which underlying virtualization technology is used in your infrastructure?

A. VMware virtualization

Q. Can I Install/Uninstall Programs and run Windows Services?

A. Yes, you will have full control over your Windows Virtual Server. You will be able to install and run any program supported by the operating system

Q. Can I connect to my Windows Virtual Server using Remote Desktop/Terminal Services?

A. Yes, you can connect to your Virtual Host Server using Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop is a feature built into Windows that allows you to connect and manage remote server systems.

Q. How many other Virtual Server accounts will share the hardware with me?

A. Each customer is allotted a set amount of disk space, CPU usage and memory. A customer is not able to go over these set limits thus eliminating the possibility that customers will be able to negatively effect the performance of other Virtual Host accounts by consuming more resources than they are allotted. VMWaresoftware Intellect evenly distributes Virtual Host accounts acrosspowerful hardware objects in direct correlation to the available resources available on theparticular server.

Q. Can Virtual Host plans be upgraded in terms of RAM & Storage space?

A. YES, plans are scalable in terms of RAM & Storage space

Q. Can I have different environments of windows in virtual server?

A. Yes, customer can have any environment of windows in the virtual host, like Windows – 2003/2008 standard or Windows – 2003/2008 Enterprise.

Q. How fast will be my server?

A. All Virtual Host Servers are plugged to 100 mbps port on Network Switch port for public connectivity.

Q. Can Data First install & manage virtual servers on my own hardware hosted in your Datacenter?

A. Yes Data First can provide such services but that will not fall under this product offering, those things will be considered as customized offerings.

Q.  I need something that is not listed on your site, what do I do?

A. Contact us immediately at: info@datafirst.co.in. Your business is important to us and we will definitely try and do anything we can to meet your special needs.